Okay, I’m a little late for the 2018 goal party, but “Better late than never”  so I move forward.  To be fair to myself, I wrote these goals last week, and have been as slow as a sloth who ate a snail in obtaining them.  So, I figure I should probably publish them for all to see, and maybe that will be the kick in the pants I need.

Most of my 2018 goals are blog/social media/Etsy related, but that is because I write a crochet blog and that is how I connect with my dear readers/friends.  I do have a few personal/family goals sprinkled in because 18 is a lot of things to strive for and in my life my family comes first, so I couldn’t leave them out.  Without further ado, here are my 18 for 2018.

Goals for 2018

  1. 1 blog post a week (almost missed this week!)
  2. 2 new blog follows a week
  3. 3 Pinterest and Instagram posts per month
  4. 4 exercise days per week
  5. 5 fruits/vegetables per day
  6. 6 new patterns this year
  7. 7 things donated per month
  8. 8 new books this year
  9. 9 new Ravelry patterns this year
  10. 10 Read, like, comment on blogs per day
  11. 11 video tutorials/year
  12. 12 family photos per year (thanks Mrs. Craft for this great idea!)
  13. 13 days writing for me (outside of blogging) per month
  14. 14 product “photo sessions” per year
  15. 15 pounds lost by my birthday (want to start my 40’s off right!)
  16. 16 classes taught per month
  17. 17 New Etsy Listings this year
  18. 18 home cooked meals/month (we tend to eat out a lot).

Phew!  Anyone else tired from this list?  I have a lot of work to do, but since I have taken an extra long New Year vacation, I should be well rested to get on it!    Next week I have a planning week for all the classes I will start teaching, so getting organized with the other “work” in my life will help my crochet/blogging/Etsy life.

Starting my stitch book for my crochet class.

Plus, Little C’s 6th birthday is next week and I have officially decided she will not be “little” any longer.  Thus, she will have some things she’ll have to start doing on her own.  This will be interesting, as we are currently in a week long standoff about cleaning her room.  Her TV shows, tablet, and Nintendo DS have all been taken away, and she hasn’t budged.  She tells me she likes the news now.  I cannot stand her messiness and will be going up with a garbage bag to clean all the toys she doesn’t play with any more (she broke me).  So, #7 will be taken care of this month!

Okay, hands in everybody, 1,2,3, Break!  Let’s go at 2018 with gusto and get our goals accomplished!

Happy Crocheting!

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