Happy New Year Friends!  I have been gone from the blog world for like two weeks, so I have a lot of catching up to do!  I cannot wait to hear how everyone celebrated their holidays and what WIPs you are doing!

My 2017 went pretty well, overall, a lot better than 2016.  A big part of my good year was the friends I have made online.  Participating in groups like the Fantastic Bake Along, expanded the breath of this blog and taught me some new skills!  I have also enjoyed seeing and reading about the sewing and cross stitching projects so many of you make.  And the food bloggers and book bloggers are my own indulgence reads, and I didn’t even mention my crochet friends!  Overall, I feel like the community I have cultivated from this blog is great and I cannot wait to see what you get into for 2018.

Here’s a quick montage of my most popular posts from 2017.

IMG_4058Free Fingerless Glove pattern a simple and elegant DIY crochet fingerless glove tutorial.Crochet Boho Headband pattern. Cotton hairband, with buttons, handmade, simple crochet.

Lessons learned from first whole grain (yeast) bread experience. Baking bread, healthy too!My 2017 ended with a whole lot of yes’s.  I took a job through our recreation department and have begun teaching classes that I didn’t know I had skills for.  Currently I am teaching a toddler play group, usually themed and has a story time and art time.  Then, I was asked to take over two yoga classes.  Um…okay.  In another life, I was a personal trainer, and had some yoga instruction, but this was seven years ago and I never taught a yoga class.  Still, getting paid for working out?  I am not going to say no to that!  So far, so good, no complaints and a lot of compliments.

There are more classes to come in 2018, crochet classes, book clubs, and art classes are being added to the current list.  Keep your fingers crossed I have a big enough attendance because I am really ready to get busy (especially the crochet classes).

So, can you tell the direction this blog is going?  I am hoping to do some stitch instruction as well as write more patterns for you!  In between crochet, I hope to sprinkle in a few other posts to go along with my classes, maybe a book review here or there.

I’m excited to be back and to see how everyone else is doing in the new year.  Hope you all stayed safe and healthy over the holidays and are ready to kick 2018 in the butt!

Happy Crocheting!

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