This week, in the U.S., we are celebrating Thanksgiving.  Thanksgiving has become a holiday of turkey, shopping, family and football, but at the root of the holiday is the chance for all of us to remember what we are thankful for.  I have a lot to be thankful for, the people I am surrounded by each day are number one on my list.  But this is a crochet blog, and because of that, I am going to tell you why I am thankful for crochet.

Almost 18 years ago my dad passed away.  I was 21, in my last year of college, and one of the things my mom insisted on was that I finish my degree.  I think she was afraid I’d leave school to be with her and never go back.

I worked at a Ben Franklin at the time (yes, even back then I loved craft stores).  With my store discount, I bought yarn and started to crochet a vest I saw in one of my mom’s old pattern books.

I was an hour and a half from home, with a lousy boyfriend and friend’s who thought therapy took place at a bar.  I felt alone, and it is hard to describe the hole I fell into.

Crochet gave me something to focus on.  Making this vest (which turned into something of my own creation), I created something beautiful, warm and comforting.  I could make something with my hands, like my dad did with all his hobbies, and I could do it for me.  Crocheting, in one way, pulled me out of the depression I was in, and I have been doing it on and off since.

Today I am thankful for crochet.  On more than one occasion, the act of crocheting has lifted me out of a dark place.  There is something about yarn through your fingers, hook in hand, and creating something warm and comfortable that brings a meditative peace within me.  And for that, I am thankful.

I hope all of you find something to be thankful for this week.  Happy Thanksgiving!  And, Happy Crocheting!

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