Hi my creative friends!  Hope this Tuesday is finding you well and safe.  There are many natural disasters taking place in the United States, and for those of you who are dealing or have dealt with the hurricane, storms and fires, my prayers go out to you.

Here in Wisconsin, we have had very mild weather.  Our usual September heat wave hasn’t shown up, and we have been experiencing Fall like temperatures for at least a week now.  I don’t mind the cool weather, it is getting me in the mood for soups, football (American), and the last few months of outside fun before I hunker down for the winter.  Yes, if I was an animal I’d probably be a bear, winter months mean hibernating, for me.

So, I have a new list for you today.  I hope you enjoy it, and feel free to contribute anything I missed in the comments.

5 Projects to Crochet This Fall

Headbands/Ear Warmers


I have really gotten into Ear Warmers the last few years.  They are perfect for Autumn weather, because they keep your ears warm, but your head still has room to breathe.  They are also fun to make because they can be finished in an evening and worn the next day.  There are a ton of patterns on the web, feel free to check out my Pinterest board dedicated to hats and headbands.  Or give my free Ear Warmer Pattern a try!

Fingerless Gloves

I am in the process of making four pairs of fingerless gloves for a customer.  Let me tell you the truth, making two of anything in tedious.  But, they do get easier, and they are so cute!  I plan to write up patterns for the gloves I have designed, you will see these soon.  If you want to design your own, but not sure where to start, check out this visual diagram, it has made a big difference for me!

Halloween Costumes

I had to put this in the list, it is the biggest (or vying for the biggest) holiday in the season.  I live in Wisconsin, and have had 40 degree Halloweens, so I always err on the caution side and want my little one to be dressed warm.  Crocheting bits and pieces (and sometimes the whole darn thing) of a costume gives off a personalized touch.  After all, I want my kiddo to show off her costume, not her winter coat.  Over the years, I have made an Elsa (Frozen) dress and gloves, a Darington (from Blaze and the Monster Machines) hat, Yoda (StarWars) hat, gloves, and shoe covers.  This year, I have already started Mal (from Disney’s Descendants) gloves (see picture above).  Have you ever added to a Halloween costume?

Thanksgiving/Autumn Home Decor

There are a ton of leaf patterns, acorn patterns, and other fall ideas out there.  Why not create a cozy look for your home by crocheting some home decor?  A pillow, a placemat, a garland, whatever you choose will take your home into this beautiful season. Obviously, from the lack of photo, I need to get on this too;).


I’m a sucker for a nice cowl.  But I’m particular too.  I don’t like anything too bulky, and I want a nice soft yarn.  I wear a lot of cowls these days, they add an extra warmth to a chilly day.  Let’s face it, I am not pulling out my winter coat, just yet.  Even if it is a battle of the wills between me and my coat, I would rather put my ear warmer, fingerless gloves, and of course, cowl on over my jean jacket than admit it is winter.  Are you like me?  If so, here is my favorite cowl.

So, this is my list.  What are you making as the weather gets colder?  Did I miss any favorites of yours?  Happy Crocheting!

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