Hi!  I meant to get the rest of the Yoda costume pattern to you last week, but I never got around to figuring out the stitches I used 3 years ago and writing the pattern!  Bah, Life got in the way again!  So, you crafty stitchers, you might have to get creative with the rest of this costume (if you are choosing to make a Yoda for yourself).  In the meantime, I will give my best tips and some links to help you out.

First off, here is a reminder of what this costume looked like on Little C (3 years ago).

Last week I gave you the pattern for the hat and robe.  Today, I want to go over the mittens and shoe covers.


I followed a pattern for the mittens, and at the time I was a lot less experienced in crochet and made them with a nub instead of a thumb.  Here are a few sites that offer free patterns for kid mitts.

My Hobby is Crochet

All Free Crochet

Knitting.about.com (for knitters)

diy-crush.com (a fleece sewing pattern)

I then created “claws” from the remnants of the robe that I trimmed.  I sewed them onto the ends of the mittens, for a more Yoda affect.

The feet were very simple.  I single crochet 2 rectangles to lay over the top of my daughter’s feet.  I then made three double crochet shells as “toes”, and stitched the “claws” onto each of the toes.  I added velcro to the bottom of the feet, and the top of Little C’s shoes, and tied the back of the rectangle around her ankle.  This way she could wear her regular running shoes, but still be Yoda from head to toe!

Look for another costume post from me this week.  The next one is for those aspiring Gryffindors out there!

Happy Crocheting!

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