This week started out with a bike ride. To back track, I’ve been hitting the gym early before Little C wakes up. My husband got my bike up and running, so Monday, I had no excuse not to ride the bike to the gym. Did I mention I’m a subpar biker? Well, I got all the way there (a half mile at most), pulled up on the sidewalk to the rack, and instead of standing on the bike and stepping one foot down, I try to do my version of the “leap like your life depends on it”. My back foot got caught, of course, and I went sliding onto the ground. Nonetheless, I picked myself up immediately, shouted to the guy who saw me fall that I was alright, locked up my bike and went in for my work out. The whole time in the gym I worried about the ride home.

Riding my bike was like my newest crochet project, a market bag. It should be easy to make, but without a pattern I’ve already crashed and burned twice. This last attempt I am in my worry stage, going through with making it, but not totally sure how it will turn out. I’ll let you be the judge. I will have this finished by next post.

I went a little crazy with post stitches for the bottom, opting for a rectangle base instead of a circle.

I switched to a mesh stitch for the body of the bag, mainly because it would work up faster.

I choose Bernat Home Dec yarn because it washes up well, and isn’t as stiff as cotton.

My next WIP needs sewing and fringe, so I guess the crochet part is finished! I’m making two boho bags for a commission, the easy part is complete 😊.

My mom chose these colors for her birthday bag. So I’m all circles now.

And lastly, I finally ordered a yarn ball winder (Thanks to Tracy@It’s a T-Sweets Day for telling me about it). Little C took it over immediately, so now I’m paying her 25 cents for every skein she turns into a cake. She’s going to be a rich 5 year old!

So this has been my week. I hope hope hope I have some finished projects for you next week. What have you been making? Happy crocheting!

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