Wow!  Since I am only writing once a week, I have a lot to say!  I don’t know about you, but this Summer has been so busy, I have to fight for my crochet time.  Luckily, I have a family who has accepted my obsession, and usually doesn’t mind me asking them to repeat themselves because I am too busy counting stitches.

First, on the agenda, is Linda from Kelleysdiy giveaway.  She has collected over 60 donations to giveaway as a thank you to her readers for her first anniversary.  I am donating a pair of thread crochet earrings.  They are light and very detailed, and were a little hard to give away, but I’m sure they will go to a good home.  Click on the link above if you want to enter for a chance to win!IMG_3097

Second, we were up North  for a long weekend, so during the car rides, I managed to start another crochet purse for a commission.  It is the same purse I have been wearing all Summer, and I just love it.  My hairstylist saw me with it and ordered two!  Wear your creations, it gets you orders!  Here is what I have done so far.

Third, I brought my new freeform project up North, but didn’t have a chance to work on it.  I am loving the colors, and just how relaxing it is.  I do like to have my steamer around while I put the scrumbles together, so it kind of limits me to working at home.  Here is what I’ve accomplished from last week.

I also got a request to make a purse for my mom for her birthday.  Micheals is having a sale on ColorWheel Yarn, it’s only a $1 per skein, perfect for a freeform project.  I bought many skeins because I am not sure about colors, so I need your opinion.

My mom is a fan of red, so I wanted to include at least a shade of red in the mix.  Which color scheme do you like better?

Last, I missed the Fantastic Bake Along, hosted by Tracy over at It’s a T-Sweets day!  This month’s BAL was a quiche, and I am craving one now, so will make one soon.  But if you want to get caught up with the other bakers, here are the links!

Hope everyone is off to a good week!  Happy Crocheting!


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