It is the 4th of July in the U.S.A. and so I am going to send out a post I wrote last year at this time for a different blog.  If you are looking for a Summertime sweet, that has a little Red, White and Blue, this is the treat for you!  Enjoy!

Bye, Bye, Miss American Pie

Move over Apple!  There is a new pie in town, and I made it!  Let me set the stage…it is summer, 90 degree heat is likely, if not expected (and for my overseas friends, 90 degrees = hot and sometimes muggy).  Turning on an oven is frowned upon in my house, and everything we cook is outdoors or in a microwave.  No need to add to the heat!  Unfortunately, I couldn’t follow the rules with this challenge, I had to turn on the oven.  But, oh, it was so worth it.

Crust Ingredients and Instructions:


Pretzels (Whaaat?!?)


Melted Butter

1.Crush up the pretzels with a rolling pin.  I put them in a plastic baggy to keep the mess down.  This was also fun for my daughter to help me with.  I came out with a cup of crushed up pretzels.


2.  Mix the crushed pretzels with the 1 1/2 TB sugar and just over a 1/3 c melted butter.

3.Press mixture into a greased pan and bake 8-10 minutes at 400 degrees.

4.Let cool.


Filling Ingredients and Instructions:

8 oz of Whipped Topping

4 oz of Marscapone cheese


3 oz of Strawberry Jello


10 oz of sliced frozen strawberries

blue sprinkles

1.Combine 4 oz (half) of the whipped topping, the Marscapone cheese and the sugar, till it is all smooth, sweet and delicious.  Feel free to taste.

2.Spread it onto the cooled pretzel crust.

3.Make the Strawberry Jello according to the package instructions, then add the frozen strawberries.  Let sit until it is the consistency of yogurt (I’ve also heard egg whites).

Note:  This will take less time than you think because of the frozen strawberries.  This was the first time I had ever used frozen ones and I waited to long to check on them, unfortunately my results came out to full blown jello!


If your strawberry solidifies smoothly, then you are welcome to stop here.  Unfortunately, my results turned out  differently, and I had to improvise.  I added the second half of the whipped topping and topped off the pie with it.


Sprinkle with blue sprinkles for red, white and blue yumminess!


This Strawberry Pretzel Pie is one of my favorites, and if you give it a try it will be sure to be a Summertime hit!  It is so pretty and light, a perfect treat for a hot day.  But, I have to say, without a doubt the best part of the pie is the pretzel crust.  It comes out like a salted candy and I love the crunch.  All the flavors blend well, but if I could eat a pretzel crusted pie every day, there is no doubt I would.  Even though my pie didn’t turn out as pretty as I hoped, I hope you like it and I’d love to hear if anyone makes it!


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