Happy Last Day of June!  Is that a thing?  I doubt it, but it is a thing for me anyway.   I am in vacation mode, which means, my husband is on vacation.  But, I wanted to get this last Friday post out to you before I let loose and PAAARTY.  Okay, I have a 5 year old, it will be more like a water balloons and Smores party with some fireworks thrown in, but we will have fun.  I also wanted to tell you that there will be some blog changes for the months of July and August.  I will only be posting once a week (Tuesdays, and the monthly Fantastic Bake-Along).  I am going to be working on some designs that are swimming in my head, and will be back to full time with Little C once her morning camp ends in early July.  I hope to have some new patterns for you this Fall.

Now that the business is taken care of, let’s have some Pinterest fun.  First, I want to shamelessly promote my Pinterest Page, follow me for crochet inspiration – I also like crafts and cooking ;).  Here is a sample of some of the gorgeous FreeForm crochet I have been spying and pinning lately.  Enjoy!

  1.  Can you spot the dragon fly?  I love the colors chosen for this piece, just beautiful.

2.  I don’t know if I would ever have an event elegant enough where I could wear this cape.  But, I am putting it on my bucket list to make a cape like this and get invited to something where I can wear it.  The colors seem to seep into the bottom, a piece of art indeed!

3.  This jacket is so fun!  I would wear it every day.  I mean, wouldn’t it make you feel happy every time you put it on?

4.  This lampshade is so cool, what a way to spice up an otherwise colorless room?  I like how the creator left just enough space between the scrumbles to allow light.  It probably emits cool shadows too!

5.  Making a freeform pillow is a good way to practice, without over-committing your time.  This pillow makes me feel like we are looking through a woods by beach on a sunny day.  What a view!

6.  For the amigurumi lovers, I couldn’t resist showing you this adorable teddy.  Don’t you just want to snuggle up to him?  Creative and irresistibly sweet.

Hope I got you inspired on this last day of June!  Now let’s all go freeform crochet!  Happy Crocheting!


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