I must be honest, I barely crocheted at all this weekend.  My family and I took a spur of the moment rode trip to Madison, the capitol of Wisconsin.  We stayed just for the night and spent hours in the hotel pool (my daughter’s favorite part), visited a couple breweries (my husband’s favorite part), and went to dinner and had an incredible Lazy Susan which included smoked trout, braunschweiger, cheese and crackers, deviled eggs and more (my favorite part).  We did not visit the bar below, but I needed a picture of the sign, Be Excellent to Each Other might be my Summer motto.  Plus the bar has color tv ;).

Saturday morning we went to the capitol farmer’s market, which was crazy busy, but still great.  I picked up some tomatoes, cucumbers, honey and spicy cheese bread.  Walking into the market, the street is lined with crafters (not much crochet, although I saw some cute felted baby booties).  Around the capitol is all produce and food sellers.  It was a beautiful morning, and we tried to take it all in quickly as my daughter was anxious to get back to the pool.

The little bit I did crochet looks like this… Any thoughts as to what I’m making this time?

Next week I should have a finished product, and I’ll explain more then.  Hope everyone is enjoying their Tuesday!

Happy Crocheting!


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