This bake along did not go as planned.  When Fantastic Bake Along was suggested, I had a family pack of chicken thighs defrosting in the fridge.  It was a coincidence not to be ignored, so I set to do half of the thighs according to the directions (my husband had plans for the other half).

I did the bake along’s chicken first.  I set up the bowls, flour, egg wash, flour, and like an assembly line on my stove, went to work.  I used a liberal amount of coconut oil, got it nice and hot, and went about dipping and frying.  Right away I knew something was wrong, the pan was way too hot, so I turned the stovetop down.  Dip, dip, dip fry, I was like a robot, frying up two chicken pieces at a time and placing them in my baking dish.  On my third turn (pieces 5 and six) the smoke alarm went off, my daughter came running into the kitchen, “Mom, is the house on fire?  Should we leave?”  That’s when I looked up and saw that cloud of smoke that was hovering thickly in the room.  I immediately turned the stovetop off, turned the fire alarm off (yes it was so thick no amount of waving a towel underneath it would shut it down), and opened every door and window in the downstairs.  It was 50 degrees outside so I had to turn our heat off too.  The smoke (or smog) lingered, my 5 year old and I flapped our towels in the air hoping to move it outside.  Four days later, it still smells like fry. 

I did not go back and continue to fry up the Double Dipped Fried Chicken.  I loaded all the ones I dipped, seasoned those yet to be dipped and placed them into the baking pan.  It only took about 45 minutes for the chicken to cook, and they turned out juicy (and a little burnt).  We all agreed, though, that the plain seasoned chicken turned out the best.  I think I’ll stick to that next time.

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