As I walked home from yoga this morning, I realized something.  Maybe it was the afterglow of Savasana, but I finally felt good.  Confession time: the last two years I’ve had two health concerns that turned out to be manageable, but not comfortable.  Being uncomfortable physically was easy to deal with because I had already been in pain or limited and I found out the steps I needed to take to recover.  Being uncomfortable mentally, though, was an entirely different story.  Actually taking those steps and accepting that my life and the way I live it is different, is a tough pill to swallow (easier just to take the pill).  So today I have another list for you, here are my top 5 ways for dealing with the uncomfortable things that happens, when life happens.

Let Go

Do you journal?  I have been journalling since I was 12, and it has always been a release for me.  I find I write more when I’m feeling crappy, so the fact that I’m only journalling monthly is pretty good!  No matter what, writing is a way to get all your thoughts and feelings down in one place, what you do after is up to you.

Praying, meditating, talking it out with someone trustworthy, these are all great ways to accomplish the same thing.  Getting things out and in the open is not only therapeutic, but freeing.  I recommend letting it all go and moving onto the next tip (for a little bit) and then return with a fresher mind.

My Recommendation:  Get a notebook, just for yourself, and jot down a few things every night, then close the book.  Use the act of closing the notebook as a metaphor for your worries, close the door on your worries for the rest of the night.


When I think of the word escape, I think of diving head first into a thrilling novel.  I wish I was more adventurous, I wish I traveled and explored, but my family and I are not in that place right now, so a good book is a great second option.  Sure you can escape into a movie or television show, but a good book makes you think, can change your point of view, and just take you out of real life for a short time.  Everyone deserves to treat themselves with a good story.

My Recommendation:  I love a kid/teenager supernatural series.  They are often innocent enough to not add more stress to yourself, but entertaining enough to keep you going.  The Harry Potter series (if you are one of the few people who hasn’t read them), the Percy Jackson series, and The Hunger Games are just a few that were easy reads.  For a more mature read, I recently read The Nightingale, by Kristin Hannah, and that kept me going.


There is soooooooo much content available for everyone today.  Many things are free, like the blogs I read daily – you ladies and gents are so inspiring!  Some content you may have to pay for, (I am not affiliated, but) a Craftsy class is worth it.  The thing is, if you need to get out of your funk, why not get inspired?

My Recommendation:  Check the list of people I follow and follow them too!  I have taken 2 Free Form crochet Craftsy classes by Myra Wood that are definitely recommended.  I also listen to three Podcasts that I love, A Yarn Thing with Marly Bird, Craftish with Vickie Howell, and Create and Thrive with Jess Van Den.


I used to run miles upon miles, then do a bootcamp, then ride my bike home, I was even a personal trainer at a gym.  It got me fit for a time, but as I got older all it did was make me hurt more and wonder “What is the point?”  Then I slipped a disc and had two options, slow down and get less invasive treatment, or have surgery.  Since, because of my age and the location of the slipped disc, I’d have to have a second back surgery before I turned 50, I decided the first option was better.  Was it hard to slow down and still try to be active?  Yes, out of habit I still wanted to do 50 crunches and run 3 miles.  Am I a little mushier than I used to be?  Yep, but I’ve found some peace with that too.  Today I do what I can, walking, light weights and yoga.

My Recommendation:  Find an activity that you like to do and do it.  Consistency will bring bigger results than anything.


Yes, now I will talk about crochet!  Don’t forget to create as often as you have the time.  My preferred medium is crochet.  I mean, what hobby can you make something on the couch, in front of the TV, and what you are creating is keeping you warm?  It is the perfect activity (for me).  The sense of accomplishment in creating, whether it is for you or someone else, is not to be taken lightly.  I personally enjoy it when I can just quietly focus on what is in my hands.

My Recommendation:  What do you like to do?  If food is your thing, start creating your own recipes.  If you’ve always wanted to sew, try making a pillow.  Create something today, and see how it changes you. 

What do you do to deal with problems and the chaos that life sometimes can bring?  I’d love for you to share your thoughts!

Happy Crocheting!


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