There is nothing like a road trip to get some good crocheting in.  Especially when my hubby can enjoy his tunes and my daughter plays on her tablet.  When everyone else is happy I really relish the passenger seat ride with my crochet hook and yarn. During that time I made a thicker headband, practicing the Tunisian stitch.  I had made one of these headbands a while ago and it has been great for when I work out.  Since I cut my hair I needed something off my neck and these headbands are perfect.  I made a thinner band right after the first.  My hope is that my daughter will keep it in her hair and in turn keep her hair out of her face.

On the way home I started a new treasure pouch for my daughter.  I’m only halfway done, so we’ll see what she thinks when I finish it.


Our weekend away started with a trip to Lambeau Field, where the Green Bay Packers Play. We skipped the tour.  I could tell hubby was disappointed, I think I’ll schedule a trip up again where we definitely do the tour.

Mr. Vince Lombardi, a Green Bay Packer Legend.

Then we headed to a cabin where we stayed with my mom and her husband, my DIY Twisted Sister Erin and her daughter, and my brother and his family.

Little One had to bring the Legos on the boat.
The first night’s fire struggled to get going, but once it did it roared!
The kids had fun running around with sparklers. I get so nervous!


My daughter was a regular fish in the water, which was fun to see and the weather couldn’t have been better.  It was nice to get away from the city for a bit.

Hope everyone had a nice weekend and an even better week!

Happy crocheting!

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