I’ve been writing this post in my head for days, weeks actually, and now that it is time to sit at my computer, I’m at a loss for words!  So, I think this will mainly be a photo post with commentary, because who doesn’t need to see more colorful crochet in their life?

Two Fridays ago there was a gallery night in my area.  For those of you not familiar with what a gallery night is, the neighborhood businesses and population, in general, get together and show art.  Businesses from real estate offices to coffee houses, to pop up stands show art of all kinds.  There are probably hundreds in the 3 miles or so stretch of street that covers the gallery night.  Our neighborhood gets very busy, and on this occasion the weather was perfect so people were out and about.  My house is nestled on a side street in between two of the main thoroughfares of the businesses showing art.  To get into the spirit of the day I started to yarn bomb the railing leading up to my home.

Attaching the fabric was so gratifying!  I didn’t realize how bright and fun the colors would be, and people walking by stopped to chat about the work.  I guess art really does bring people together!  A few days later I spied a woman taking a picture of my railing;  I was so proud it encouraged me to crochet more.

Since this past weekend was International Yarn Bomb Day (Thanks for the reminder DaniellaJoe), there was no excuse not to keep going.  I did a series of granny rectangles because they seemed to work up so much faster, and I could combine colors rather than create plain blocks.  I sewed them onto the railing, with my little girl’s help, and it was complete.  I’m hoping the yarn keeps it’s color for a while, it really brightens up our front yard (and makes me happy)!


Happy Crocheting!

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