It was the beginning of the work week like any other.  Well, not really, my 4 year old is in full Summer break mode and slept in till 8:15.  Hubby, following her lead, got out of bed around the same time (even though he was working from bed).  And I, the (not) responsible one, followed his suit.  A fun and long weekend left us all lazy and tired this morning, but once we got moving we started to get things done.  Sometime between lunch and my oil change it hit me, today is Tuesday!

Duh!  You say.  Most people with a phone, or calendar knows this!  And I knew it was Tuesday too, but it didn’t click that my self-imposed weekly crochet blog was due today.  As an adamant goal setter, this was one that I have consistently met for a while.  I am pretty bummed that my 8am post didn’t go out on time.  But as they say, better late than never!

Okay, my first project has nothing to do with crochet, but I want to share anyway.  I painted a clay pot that I am now growing basil in.  My good friend saw it this weekend and exclaimed, “Oh! Did the Little One paint this!”  Um, no, I did.  My 4 year old does not have a steady hand or the patience to paint a pot.  Realizing her mistake she back tracked and said, “helped make it.”  Ha!  I guess that sums up my painting skills!

I’m really happy with it, though.  I think it is cute and it makes me happy knowing I made it.  The only thing about the pot is that the spray sealer I put on seemed to pucker and welt.  I don’t know if it is from the sun, or the moisture from watering the plant.  Any thoughts or suggestions?

My crochet project for the week was taken from DaniellaJoe’s Blog.  International Yarn Bombing Day is coming up, you can read about it here.  I want to take part, but my fear of authority doesn’t want to “graffiti” anything in case I get in trouble.  So, I plan to yarn bomb the railing leading up the walk way in front of my house.  This way the only “authority” I need to face is myself, and although I can be stern on myself, I’m pretty sure I can take it.

Here is what I have so far.  I’m using scrap yarn, and I plan to do different stitches with each color.  I want to have this done and displayed by Friday, which is early for IYBD, but there is a gallery night in my town.  Many of the businesses host artists that display their works.  You can walk from place to place (every building from real estate to record store to actual art galleries) and check out the art.  My house sits on a side street that sometimes is a go-between for the different galleries, I thought my yarn bombing would bring a special crochet vibe to the night!  Plus it makes me smile:).

Hope everyone has gotten off to a good week.  Happy Crocheting!

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