The morning came in a panic, I have a post tomorrow!  This last week flew by.  I kept thinking about what this blog would be about, and secretly I hoped I would finish vest number 2, but I have a long way to go.  The repetition of the rows are boring me instead of relaxing me, and so I have only made a little progress.

The Quick and Functional Cell Phone Case from February

A last minute inspiration flash helped me out.  While my daughter was at pre-school this morning I whipped up another phone case.  Some of you may remember that I made a phone case  back in February.  You can get the tutorial here. I love this case.  I take it everywhere, it holds my phone, my I.D. and even a few dollars, if I need them.  It is made of cotton, so it can wash up easily, and it is a perfect accessory when I’m going to the gym or dropping my daughter off at school and don’t want to lug my purse.  The only thing I would change about this case is the front.  I thought the mesh front would allow me to use the touch screen while protecting it,  but it really doesn’t let me do anything to the phone.  After using this for three months, I decided I wanted more of an open faced case so the touch screen would be more accessible.

IMG_4185I reached for my new favorite yarn and a K Hook.  I like the stretch to this yarn and that it is like a t-shirt yarn, but without all the bulk.  Using the tutorial for my first Functional Phone Case, I modified the initial amount of chains to 11.  I followed the rest of the instructions, including the first row of the mesh.  After that row, I alternated rows of single crochets and double crochets, and left the front open.

When I reached the front, I chained 1, turned and either single crochet or double crochet in the first stitch and around.

Alternating double crochet and single crochet rows gave it a nice texture.  I also added a wooden button that had a decorative sticker, this is for the rope closure, but gave it a little charm, nonetheless.
And it’s complete!  This phone case turned out great!  I plan to use the closing strap as a little support for my hand as I hold my phone.  In total, I finished this project in about an hour.  This was the simplest and most common sense piece of crochet that I’ve created since…since I made the last cell phone case!  What do you think?  Would this case be something you could use too?  Hope everyone is having a great week so far!

Happy Crocheting!

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