I am a yarn hoarder.  It is a little embarrassing the amount of skeins of yarn I own.  I don’t know when I started my “collection”, but it has grown in size.  So, I made myself a promise to use up some of the yarn I own before I don’t buy any more.  That vow lasted about a month, and in that time I did not visit a craft store.  I caved the moment I passed this yarn.


It is billed as a home decor yarn, but I saw something more.  It reminded me of a tee-shirt yarn, but softer (made of cotton and nylon).  I used to make tee-shirt cowls from a yarn that I loved.  It was soft, yet breathable, and a perfect three season cowl.  IMG_0996


Unfortunately, I think they discontinued the yarn.  And so with only a few left to sell on my Etsy site. I thought my three season cowls might be a thing of the past.  But this yarn gives me hope.

I started tinkering with it, and realized it has great stretch.  I had been wanting to try making something with a Tunisian stitch.  Other than a few experimental swatches, I had not used this stitch.  But I liked how flat a piece feels (not knotty) with this stitch, so I figured I’d give it a try.

This is the final result.  I decided a headband would be a great first project with this stitch and yarn.  It turned out great.  I love the colors, and it stretches and hugs my head, so I can wear it to the gym or just out and about.  I plan to do more, and can write up a pattern soon.  And I definitely will buy more of this yarn (I might need a bigger house to put it all in!).

Happy Crocheting!

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