Hello!  Welcome to the first post for Crochet539.wordpress.com, I am honored to be able to write my ideas into the infinite world wide web.  I hope you might be able to find a tidbit or two to relate to or use.

Today I’d like to discuss finding creativity in a home that might not provide the space for it.  I live in a small home with three bedrooms that barely fit my husband, toddler and me.  The bedrooms are so small that I continually bang my legs walking around my queen sized bed, and my daughter’s toy collection is threatening to turn the entire downstairs into a play room.  Don’t get me wrong, I love my home.  It has beautiful wood floors and cabinets that bring a charm from days past, and during the summer there are tons of outdoor activities within walking distance from our front door.  Plus, while I am at home with my toddler, we are able to live within our means on a one income family.  This gives me peace.

Still, trying to set up a craft room for my crochet projects in the third bedroom has been a challenge.  First, since my husband uses the third bedroom as a part time office, it has given both him and me a lesson in sharing space.  My hubby works from home and from an office, so I never am quite sure when he will be occupying the space.  He also has a cd (yes, compact disc) collection that lines the walls.  I, on the other hand, have a yarn obsession and have filled shelves of boxes, tubs and pillow cases of cotton, acrylic, wool, thread, and any other types of yarn you can think of.  My ideal life would be to have the room to myself and to build shelves to show off the myriad of colors, Twinkie Chan’s craft room comes to mind.  This is not going to happen anytime soon, so I had to think outside the office/craft room box.

I came to this realization last year, and because my toddler was not going to hang out in the office while I worked on projects, having my own office space didn’t make much sense.  I needed a traveling case, crocheting out of plastic bags always left me looking for scissors, pins, and hooks.  By chance (or maybe subconscious planning), I bought my husband a Craftsman tool bag on clearance to fill a few birthday presents with.  After a month of seeing the tool bag sit on the floor of the office, I confiscated it and filled it with all my crochet necessities.  With this I am able to tote my current project from room to room while my daughter plays with her Shopkins and My Little Ponies, or I can have all my necessities at my fingertips while I watch the Bachelorette with my husband.



My next project was to create a bag to keep all my hooks in one place.  I have seen many different versions on how to do this, but I settled on a simple clutch bag design.  In less than an hour I had the purse made and a place to keep me from leaving hooks with projects I was working on.  Why I never did this before is beyond me.  Here is a look at the bag.


Is anyone interested in hearing how I made this piece?  It would be a great school pencil case, or even a clutch purse for a night out.  Let me know and I can go through the simple process of making it!

And there you have it.  A few simple changes have changed my crochet life and work.  I do use my half of the office, for more than storage.  I do my best to keep my small desk clean, so I can block work, attach jewelry findings, and now write blogs!  But, the tool case has been a life/craft changer.  It has allowed me more time with my family, and more time to enjoy my passion.  I recommend this idea to anyone who is looking for a simple fix for a small space.

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