Hello, my crafting friends!  How is everyone doing this lovely day?  My daughter started her first day of school today, and the house is quiet and I get to think about crochet.  Unfortunately, I have a list of other things to do, but once I check off my work I am going to sit and enjoy a little me time.  I am in the middle of a hiatus from my job, this is my last week off and then I start yoga instruction, the week after is my full load of crochet classes, toddler time, kids art, golf lessons and yoga.  I sometimes feel like a one woman show ;).

What have you been working on?  I’ve been thinking about different crochet projects lately.  There are just soooooooo many options out there, and thanks to great-time wasting inventions like Pinterest, Instagram and FaceBook, I tend to get overwhelmed by all the choices.  So what do I do?  Buy more yarn, of course, got to be ready when I make a decision.

I have been working on a few different projects.  The first is an Irish Crochet draped vest.  I need to do a photo shoot for the blog, so that one will have to wait today.  The second is a pair of socks.  I always get jealous of all the knitters who get to show off and wear their socks, I want in on the fun!  I forgot, though, how long socks take to make.  So, I decided to make my sock project my travel project.

Before I thought of this, I’d be halfway out the door quickly grabbing some yarn and a hook to take with me, usually having no idea what to make.  Mostly because my projects (like the Irish crochet) were so involved and need pinning onto a board, that I couldn’t take them with me.  Socks are the perfect item, I can’t believe I hadn’t thought of this earlier!  They fit in almost any purse, and with instructions downloaded to my phone, I can make adjustments easily.  Plus, they are mostly single crochet, so no need to think, let my fingers do all the work!  You can find the pattern here.

Here is a couple of pictures of the socks in-progress at our local beer garden.

Here’s a couple more after my weekend away.  I managed to crochet a few rows while my daughter played at a water park.

Yes, this is the same sock.  I am definitely taking my time with these, but isn’t that what a travel project is for?  No need to rush, just do it while you’re waiting!

Do you have travel projects?  What can you carry with you while you wait?  Hope all is well, and you are finding time to craft!

Happy Crocheting!

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