I’m late, and it’s my week to choose the food to be “baked along”, so that makes me super late. I do have an excuse. My computer has completely refused to start up. At the moment I am writing from my phone, at the Apple store. 😑.  But, enough of that.  Thank you to Tracy for hosting another tasty bake along, and I especially want to thank you for letting me submit my Rosemary Muffins.  These are so yummy!

When Tracy approached me about being this month’s recipe “star” I had to first talk to my husband.  I know my family, and hubs and daughter are picky when it comes to baked goods; since I didn’t want to be the only one eating this month’s treat, I needed to get some ideas.  My husband immediately thought of his favorite muffins, and I am so glad he did.  Check out the recipe from Taste of Home.  These savory rosemary muffins are simple to make, yet seem like such a treat, I hope you can give them a try too!


C recently watched Master Chef Junior and now wants to be a cook.  Mixing the dry ingredients is a good way to start!


These muffins ended up being very doughy, I actually added some more milk so that they wouldn’t be so dense.  I also ended up making 18 muffins, so either I added more flour than I should have or the dozen you are supposed to make are very big!

They turned out beautiful, such a great combination of cheese, olives and rosemary.


In the past I have made these muffins without using whole wheat flour.  The photo above is the result.  While the whole wheat flour doesn’t change the taste of the muffins, they do make them denser.  It is a matter of preference, but I’d probably just use all purpose flour for future muffins.

Check out all the other blogs that usually participate in the bake-along!  Happy Crocheting Baking!