Yum!  This is my kind of bread! Thank you Tracy @ It’s a T-Sweets Day for hosting this month’s Bake Along, and Tina @ Kristabella’s Hodgepodge for giving us this Fantastic recipe!

Let me be straight with you, I have only made a yeast bread once before.  It was a good experience and that is why I thought I could try another go at this bread.  Unfortunately, Tina’s recipe uses a bread machine, and I don’t have one.  So, I had to go off of my experience from the last time.  Luckily, for me, I am late to this baking party and I was able to use the hints and tips from some of the other bakers in the group.

These tips really helped, and I was able to estimate the time to rise and the baking time.  My bread did not turn out pretty.  It was pretty gooey when mixing, and I should have used more flour, but I was afraid it would get tough.  The recipe called for bread flour, and I only used regular flour, so maybe that was my problem.  The dough didn’t rise as well as some of the other bakers’ bread, but I assume that is because it was cold in my house and I should have been patient and let it rise longer.  I added more chili powder, thanks to the tips, but I didn’t let the yeast dissolve enough in the milk.  So, it had a more yeasty taste rather than a chili taste.

Because of my lack of patience, the bread tasted like a beer bread rather than a chili bread.  I don’t mind this though, I mean, there isn’t too many combinations that are better than beer and chocolate.  And that is what this bread reminds me of.  Overall, I had two slices right off the bat.  It will be breakfast for the next few days, if my family doesn’t gobble it up before me!

I’ll get back to crochet soon, until next time Happy Crocheting Baking!

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