This has been a long week, and it’s only Tuesday!  Are you having a week like this?  There is so much stress in the world, and we get to know about it every second of every minute of every hour of every day.  This stresses me out just thinking about how available bad news is.  I guess that is why I decided to write a blog about crochet and sometimes other creative hobbies (yes, baking is very creative).  I need something to escape into.  Are you like me?

Somewhere along the line, crochet became a passion and then an obsession.  I am working on something every night, and every morning I read your blogs.  Thank you for fueling my fire.

Today, I have links from the last week or so, for you to escape into.  I hope you can join me on this little retreat from the world and get inspired to do something beautiful.

Check out this article about a woman who “paints” with yarn.  Her creations are incredible.

Tina, from Kristabella’s Hodgepoge just posted a pattern to make an awesome poncho.  I can’t help but think this would be a perfect cover-up for the Fall.

In Diane’s Kitchen posted an article about cutting up a whole chicken.  This might not be a beautiful post, but it sure can be helpful!

Eleonora, from Coastal Crochet, posted her Crochet Round-up.  Her work is gorgeous, and I am excited that magazines are starting to recognize her!

Finally, KB Crochet recognized my blog on her Follow It Friday post.  She was so gracious, and her spirit of community inspired this blog!

What inspires you?  Please share in the comments.  Happy Crocheting!

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