I finally got a few crochet things accomplished this past week.  Don’t you just love it when this happens? To be honest, I didn’t have a choice in the matter.  Our living room and dining room and exterior of our house were being painted, the painters did a good job, but the organization was off and we couldn’t use most of our downstairs for four days.  This was frustrating, especially since we don’t have a big house and both rooms were actually painted in one day, it was the prep work that took forever because only one person was doing it!  This meant I was either banished to the basement, where my craft area is, or my bedroom, where the TV is.  Guess which one I chose?

The best thing about having the house painted, besides the finished product, was that I had nothing else to do except crochet (well, I could have cleaned the upstairs bathroom, but come on!).  My excuse was set, so I got to work.  It felt so good to check these projects off my “to do” list, especially since one of the projects was for me :).

img_7049My “me” project was the granny square top.  It was almost finished last week when I posted this pic.  All I had to do was weave in the ends, which took some time, block it, which took some more time, and take some photos.  I’m not in love with this top.  I like the color, and the yarn is a cotton acrylic blend, so it is perfect for the 70 degree weather we are having, but I underestimated my size (I may have been smaller last year when I started the dang thing ;).  I should have made it longer, or something.  It’s basically one big square, and I got the instructions here.  I added a single crochet around the arms and neck, and an extra inch border on the bottom.  Overall, I will wear it (I’m wearing it right now), and it was a good start to other projects that could be this shape, etc.  Plus, it was so simple, it was an easy beginners top, and the first actual shirt I’ve ever made.  Here it is on.

My second project is another pair of fingerless gloves.  I haven’t taken pictures yet, but they are pretty cool, neutral colors.  I will post about them soon.

My last project was one I had been putting off completing for a while.  Remember this freeform purse I was making for my mom?

Scrumbles to crochet fabric, crochet circles, crochet texture, creating abstract crochet

Well, I had finished it a few weeks ago, even sewed a lining with interfacing, but I needed to sew a zipper (and I was so nervous I was going to screw it up).  So I put it off, one week became two, and my mom was asking where her belated birthday present was, so I had to finish it.  Scaredy-cat, as I was, I decided to hand sew the zipper to the liner, I also sewed the bag strap to the liner.

I then hand sewed the liner to the actual purse and ta-da! I was done.  The zipper worked, the bag looked awesome, and my mom loved it.  Ahhhh, I love it when things work out.  What do you think?

What crafts are you doing to get ready for the change in weather?  Hope everyone is having a good week! Happy Crocheting!

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