I need to let you know that I am not a baker.  Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE baked goods (is there anything better than cake?), but I just don’t make my own very often.  I make Christmas cookies, that’s about it.  So, when I heard about this BAL (bake along) with Tracy from It’s a T-Sweets day! and Tami from Tanglewood Knots I felt like it was time to put the apron on and link up.

It could have been the sugar.  I had given up sweets since February and my brain was starting to be a little carb deprived.  It was getting so bad that I was ready to attack a box of cereal just to get a fix.  This bake along might have been a sign to take a day or two off and just enjoy something I made from scratch.  Plus, Little C loves to bake (she has a serious sugar addiction), so I knew I’d have help.

Since baking with a 5 year old can be slightly aggravating, I prepared. All ingredients and measuring utensils out, recipe on.

Little C helped with the measuring, then helped herself to some sugar.

This was my crumble topping, is it supposed to look like this?  Oh, and Little C’s fingers kept photo bombing my pictures as she reached for more sugar to taste.  Please don’t mind the green nails we decorated Easter eggs earlier.

Here’s the muffins ready to be topped, and another photo bomb.  Little C thinks she’s funny.

Little C’s second to last job was to put the crumb topping on the muffins.  Her last job was to lick the spoon and batter bowl.  To quote her, “I’m going to be bouncing off the walls!”

And there ya go.  The muffins smell wonderful, and look great to.  I’d love to have one with a cup of coffee, but I gave up that too!  Well, I’m sure a decaf and muffin will work.

This recipe is called To Die For Blueberry Muffins, and can be found on allrecipes.com. Thanks Traci and Tami for setting up this bake along, it was a nice afternoon off from crocheting!

Happy Crocheting Baking!


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