I am taking my first Craftsy class (well, first paid class) in Modern Irish Freeform Crochet with Myra Wood.  I am only through lesson 4 and I am so inspired.  I forgot how much I love taking classes and learning new things!  Because of this, and because I need my granny square project to marinate a bit before I go further, I am putting my previous project on hold and jumping head-on into my class.

I’ve been going appliqué crazy.  I must confess, I love making appliqués.  They satisfy my instant need to make something, they are beautiful, they are fun, and they are challenging.  The reason I don’t stitch thousands of them is because many require a lot of concentration and counting tiny stitches, and at the end of some nights I just need to veg out.  These appliqués have been pretty simple to do (although one night it took three times to get the star flower just right).  Here’s my work…

So far I would totally recommend taking this class.  Her examples (that she wears) are beautiful and she explains how to read diagrams from outside the U.S., many of which can be found on Pinterest.  Have you ever taken a Craftsy class?  Any recommendations?  Which appliqués do you like best?  Happy Crocheting!


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