Remember this past Spring, when I announced it was going to be a Summer of vests?  I had all these plans to wear my crochet over tanks for a bit of extra warmth and cover, and I only succeeded with one vest that I like.  My second attempt at a vest only sat on a shelf in my room.  I occasionally brought it down, tried it on, and put it back deciding not to wear it.  Well, I revamped this vest (which is really a rectangle) into an asymmetrical poncho/cape that I LOVE!  I’ve worn it once already, and have gotten some complements.  But the reason I want to tell you about it today is that it will be part of my Thanksgiving outfit this year.

Here is a reminder of what it looked like.

It was basically one big rectangle in a geometric lace pattern.  Simple right?  I made it big enough that it could be worn as a shawl, it fits easily over my shoulders.


I then folded it so that it comfortably slip over and rest on my shoulders.  The asymmetrical construction can be worn a few ways.  I placed buttons on the top, which can be arranged differently, if I wanted.  Here is the result.

And a few more pics, because Hubby thinks he’s an artist ;).

Hope all my U.S. readers have a wonderful Thanksgiving, and everyone else a wonderful week!

Happy Crocheting!

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