Sunday was the best craft fair of the year.  It was literally, the only craft fair I am signed up to do this year, so it had to be the best.  I had a few goals going into this fair.  One was to sell my cold weather items.  If you remember, I am planning to donate 10 items to MPTV’s  clothing drive, Mittens and More.  I also will match, with a donation, anything sold from now until the end of the drive.   By far, my ear warmers were my biggest seller, so I have more cold weather items to add to the drive!

My other goal was to alleviate my inventory of earrings and clips.  I sold a few of these, but because I had made so many for fairs in the past, my inventory is huge.  So, I am marking down the price of these items on Crochet539.  My hope is that they will make good stocking stuffers in December.


Fashion Neck Warmer, CowlBy far, my most talked about and tried on item was this cowl.  The big button caught customers’ attention, and it was a great conversation starter.  We mused over all the different ways to wear the piece, and some even considered it as a belt!  What do you think?  This one didn’t sell, but a red cowl without the button did!


Overall the craft fair was a success.  I love the instant feedback from the customers, and I think I finally nailed down price points that are reasonable for the buyer but still reflects the work I have put into the pieces.  I would love to hear your experiences at craft fairs.  What areas have you succeeded?  What areas have you failed?  What have you learned?  For those who are customers at fairs, what knitted and crochet items do you look for?

Hope to hear your thoughts.  Happy Crocheting!

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