Sometimes luck lands in your lap.  The last two weeks I have felt this way, especially on the blogosphere.  Yes, friends, I have won, not one, but TWO giveaways from two awesome blogs.  If you are not following Rebecca and Lynne, you need to now!

First winning prize was from Rebecca at Twinklehook.  Rebecca is a creative writer, her short stories are riveting and thought provoking.  She is also an accomplished crocheter, which is what brought me to her blog in the first place.  I love how open and honest Rebecca is, she invites you into her life as a friend, and is a great support too!  With Rebecca’s interest in writing, it is no wonder she gave a great gift pack of writing tools!


My six year old confiscated the jewel journal, but the big cat journal is all mine.  I plan to use it for new crochet patterns.  This book looks really good too, and will be starting it this week!

My second prize came from Lynne at Fictionophile.  Lynne is a book blogger and she writes the most amazing book reviews.  Every post I read I have to add another book to my “to read” list.  Lynne never gives away the endings in her blog and leaves the readers in suspense to find out what happens.  She is very active on Twitter so find her there too!  For Fictionophile’s prize, I got a book called Girl Unknown.  I am a little apprehensive to read this novel because of the complexness of the characters’ situation.  But, I am sure that is what will make this a great read!


Well, that is all I have today.  Oh, okay, one photo of some freeform just so you know I am still crocheting!


I may be quiet this week, which I will tell you about on the next blog.  But, I promise I will be back on the web in full force next week.  Until then, Happy Crocheting!